Ryan Green

(@ryangreen8) is an indie game developer and freelance application developer with over 20 years experience. (see Media Greenhouse) Numinous Games has given Ryan the chance to flex his artistic muscle and learn to create cg art with tools like Blender and Photoshop. Ryan worked for  Soma Games as a developer lead for 2 years and DaVita, a dialysis provider, for 10 years as a developer and software architect.

Josh Larson

(@godatplay) is a videogame developer and designer pursuing a vision for deeply meaningful, faith-based experiences that leave a lasting impact on people. As an artist, designer, and programmer, he has spent 19 years in multimedia and the last 13 of those years as a co-founder of several game studios developing commercial videogames for a variety of platforms. (see Josh Larson’s portfolio)

Amy Green

(@amynoelgreen) creates narrative video games that focus on personal and innovative stories. Her titles with Numinous Games include That Dragon, Cancer, Area Man Lives, a virtual reality mystery that allows the player to speak out loud to the characters within the game, as well as games designed for clients including Busuu, a language learning company, and Novartis, a pharmaceutical company. Amy has given a TED talk that has over a million views, she has been a featured speaker at Pop Tech, Games for Change, SXSW, Notre Dame and the University of Chicago.

Mike Perrotto

(@sirmrcl3an) is a software developer & producer with over 20 years of experience who is an aspiring voice actor and content creator on Twitch (twitch.tv/SirMrCl3an).  He has built and managed teams both onshore and offshore of over 30 developers, QA analysts and configuration managers.  His heart is in the creation of video games through world building and in-game systems.

Jon Hillman

(@jonhillmanmusic) is a composer and sound designer with 12+ years professional experience (http://www.jonhillman.com) He started playing piano at the age of four, and his life has revolved around music and sound ever since. Numinous Games gives Jon a great opportunity to explore the incredible potential for interactive audio in the context of heartfelt experiences.

Brock Henderson

(@pxlPug) is a designer and developer. He co-founded the design firm Paper Tower and the mobile game studio Elevate Entertainment. Numinous Games has given him the opportunity to work with his friends on the most meaningful projects of his career.

Jordan Ray

(@JRay023) is a 3D artist with 8+ years experience in both the gaming and medical industry. Jordan has worked as a freelancer on several released games and has a passion for creating immersive environments and memorable characters (https://www.artstation.com/jray).

Ben Postma

(@LichbaneCa) is a student in the Music Industry Arts program and has been playing videogames since before he could talk (or walk). Ben helps Numinous as an intern with audio support and hopes to delve deeper into the world of sound design and editing for games once he graduates college.

Anthony Ruffalo

(@OrigRagingKey) is a Software Engineering Student at Iowa State University who has been interested in the video game industry for years. He helped Numinous by interning as a programmer during the Summer of 2019 and helped get the project going during the early stages of development. He hopes to continue working on new games after college, both as a writer and a programmer.

Benjamin Schipper 

Benjamin Schipper is a writer and artist living in the American South. His graphic novel Joe Death and the Graven Image is being published this year, September 30 from Dark Horse Comics. When not chained in his cartoon dungeon he loves being with people and dogs.

Will Canada 

(@decipherone) is a software developer and game designer with over 10 years of industry experience. A hobbyist developer for 20 years, the journey of the creative process continues to fuel his pursuit of expression and sustainability through compassion, grace, and love, in the form of digital media (https://www.decipherone.com/).  When not on the digital plane, you can find him running around outside and trying to catch fish with his loved ones.

Justin Norman 

(@justinnorman) is a filmmaker, writer, composer with a decade of experience creating narrative and documentary films. He most recently directed the comedy TV pilot TubeLords and co-produced and edited a documentary about ex-prisoners called JustUs. He composes under the name Make-Believe Machines and contributes sound design and music to Numinous games.

Cyan QA Team

Thank you to all the current and former team members who provided stellar QA to Area Man Lives: Josh Van Veldhuizen, Marc Ferrell, Norah Porter, Gabriel Cudmore, and Russel Beauregard.